Midnight Heartbreak

I was staring at the rain drops the other night when I asked myself “How are you doing?” then I really didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t want to lie and say “Everything’s fine!”. Then it got me thinking all night as I remember everything again; every question that kept me awake during those times when people are probably snoring and having their sweetest of dreams, every tear that I tried to hide so people won’t ask and worry, and every bit of memory with you that I wanted to forget so I can give myself a fresh start.

I’ve been through sleepless nights and it’s one of the many worst parts I have found myself being questionably blessed with. And though there were nights like I wanted to give up, I would always find myself praying at night and that it’d give me hope to be okay tomorrow. Because even if things feel like they’re not okay for a long time, or it might feel like they’re never going to be okay again, everything works out in the end.

Every damn day is another day of heart ache. While I struggled in helping myself find a way to forget, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you and all those promises. How can something surreal turn in to something so tragic?

The day when I realized you’re gone felt like I had lost the sense of sight. I had lost the chance to ever see the beauty of everything that’s left with me. My vision seemed to fade that I’d hope for a rainbow under the shades of black and white. It felt like I’m allergic to all the food I used to like. It felt like I’m deaf that I didn’t know what/who/how to listen to and respond to everything that’s ever said to me. BUT I NEVER ACCEPTED THAT.

I struggled to take back everything that seemed gone at the moment. I did not want to lose my sanity over something I know everyone can cope with. From what I understand in love, it has to start from yourself. Fill yourself with love that you need so you won’t be left alone shattered. And that was my BIGGEST MISTAKE!

I forgot about myself because you’re all that I ever think of. I fell in love with the feeling of being madly in love for the first time. It’s like a magic. Nobody believes it’s possible but it happens. I was blinded by it that I totally forgot to see what I truly deserve. I had lost myself trying to give you every little thing inside me that nothing was left for me.

Now I know how it feels to (somehow) recover from this. I feel thankful despite all. Thank you that you slapped my face from the reality of life – that it is not always going to be as sweet as a cotton candy. Thank you for making me realized that I should learn to love myself more. Thank you for having me experienced how it is like to love someone so much and so true. Discovering that I am capable of loving made me the best person you had lost the chance to be with.


Sundays at Home


Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of sinangag and tuyo during a Sunday morning? Sure enough, it will make you leave the comfort of your bed earlier than usual. I like how jazz music pleases my ear every time my dad plays it starting from 8 am when I’m still in bed, probably waiting for some Snapchat stories to load. I enjoy overhearing my mom and my sister chitchat over some topics that intrigue me. That vibe once in every week has always been different and the most special for me. There are some things about Sundays I fell in love with.

This is not the day where you have to worry about the work tomorrow, that it’s freaking Monday again. This is not the day where you argue about petty issues with your siblings. This day should neither be spent on rushing to meet deadlines nor having spilled coffee on your white comforter.

Hence, this is the only day in a week that we get to enjoy the calmness of the surroundings. This is the day where future plans are being discussed in the table, the day where the kitchen switches to a more active zone and the day where our couches get warmed up all day.

Some go to church, some go to malls and some just love staying at home! This is Sunday. A family day, I might say. I’m stuck with this feeling like I don’t want to go for another round of a week.

How Cool is College

Untitled-1 copy

(For those who are asking, those girls in the picture are 2 of my wildest friends LOL)

I came to visit our Alma Mater yesterday together with two of my friends. We went there not for any other purpose but to visit the place where we used to ‘chill’, the PARKING LOT. No other place like it. It was raining yesterday and we got stuck inside the car. We had no other choice but to talk about all the things that we used to do back in college. That day brought us back all the memories that marked our college lives.

I’m writing this blog to give others an idea of how some of us are blessed to have learned a lot during our days in college. We all learn from different ways. Some of us learn by the books while others learn from the streets. I don’t intend to discuss how we memorized all the formulas written in a book because we all had enough of it. However, learning in some forms can be experienced through failures.

Some of us thinks failure is just a slice from our pie. Actually, it is! I do not understand why some people take it the other way. Either they take suicide or they get depressed (almost impossible to move forward). We all face certain circumstances in life, and all that comes with a good reason behind it.

I, myself, have gone through unexpected failures when I was still in college. Having several Rs (repeat) is definitely not a joke. There was a time that I got demotivated and I wanted to quit and start working but then I thought every thing that happened should not stop me from graduating. All that helped me realize how life teaches me (us) a lesson. It comes in the most unexpected way.

During our days as college students, we all came to that point when we wished we could just quit school and how we all envied our friends who are working that time (not to mention how much they are earning compared to how much allowances we get from our parents). We would always find their lives more interesting just because they are exempted from midterm and final exams, from tons of homework, or from school as a whole. What we didn’t realize is that we are wrong.

I know that a lot will agree to me when I say it is so much better to go to school than work. Yes, people who work get paid twice in a month but others have no idea how much obligations are put into it. Also, you cannot ditch work unlike with some of your classes (LOL). Be it in a day or night, working seems to take over the lives that we all have gotten used to.

If given a chance to go back to college, I’ll grab that! I miss how fun it was. It was one heck of a ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. College is the only time and place where I reflected about too many things in  life. It has taught me how to carry myself in situations like no one can help. It gave me the best memories that no books can ever make me experienced and lastly, I met some of the coolest bunch!

The Bus that Ran Away

Then you found the clock ticked at 5:30

And you found yourself waiting for that bus

Thrilled to see her ‘coz you’re one ride away

She was there at the hill waiting for you

So you rode on the bus that ran away


The next day was pretty much the same

You hated work ‘coz she’s the job that you love to take

Falling in line to get off that place

Which used to remind you of how it fades

So you rode on the bus that ran away


You dislike the workplace ‘coz you felt so alone

Away from her and away from home

She kept waiting for you each day

Proof of love and you have nothing else to say

So you rode on the bus that ran away


Then time came when everything changed

She got tired of waiting and blamed you for nothing

The bus went full and you did not get the spot

You begged for some chance to ride

Luckily, you still rode on the bus that ran away


The journey was soon to end

And you wish you knew it back then

The bus was full again

This time you weren’t lucky enough to get your space

You ended up watching the bus that ran away


You were hoping that the bus will come back for you

So you kept waiting for it each day

And each day you missed it

You soon realized

That she’s the bus that ran away

Long Weekend in Blues


Let me share to you some of my favorite photos taken during the long weekend in Ilocos. It was a sudden trip and I enjoyed it. I know a lot of us have been dreaming to go on a vacation almost every week.

Sadly, we live in this country where we have to go to work on a daily basis for five days and having a two-day off from it is surely not enough. During these times of long weekend, we should practice giving ourselves a break from all that paper works, intimidating bosses, and mind-draining computers.

These opportunities do not happen all the time. Go out. Feel the sun. Dive in to the ocean! Break free and live your life like it’s always a long weekend.

Bite of the Week

(Originally posted from Blogger, Sept. 8, 2015 but I took the time to transfer this post here since I’ll be using WordPress from now on.)

Sharing you these foodies I got to try last night. Who wouldn’t want to start the week with a bite? My bestfriend and I were lucky enough to end our day at the Todd English Food Hall at SM Aura. The place is very prestige that you will never expect ordering a P350 burger and get satisfied with it!


Classic Burger (Freshly home ground 4 cut meat burger patty, tomato, Iceberg lettuce, mustard relish, T,E sauce, cheddar cheese on a toasted homemade brioche bun) -P350


Rigatoni Bolognese -P275 (One of the best I’ve tasted)

I would highly recommend this to everyone. I am sure it’s worth the first try. If you want value for your money then you will surely get that from here.

Let us not be afraid to try on something new just because it looks expensive or whatever the reason is, we will never know unless we try.