Sundays at Home


Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of sinangag and tuyo during a Sunday morning? Sure enough, it will make you leave the comfort of your bed earlier than usual. I like how jazz music pleases my ear every time my dad plays it starting from 8 am when I’m still in bed, probably waiting for some Snapchat stories to load. I enjoy overhearing my mom and my sister chitchat over some topics that intrigue me. That vibe once in every week has always been different and the most special for me. There are some things about Sundays I fell in love with.

This is not the day where you have to worry about the work tomorrow, that it’s freaking Monday again. This is not the day where you argue about petty issues with your siblings. This day should neither be spent on rushing to meet deadlines nor having spilled coffee on your white comforter.

Hence, this is the only day in a week that we get to enjoy the calmness of the surroundings. This is the day where future plans are being discussed in the table, the day where the kitchen switches to a more active zone and the day where our couches get warmed up all day.

Some go to church, some go to malls and some just love staying at home! This is Sunday. A family day, I might say. I’m stuck with this feeling like I don’t want to go for another round of a week.


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