Figure Me Out


Drexel Xyvorl Magtarayo Macagba

Born on the 12th day of April back in 1993. Came from an Air Force family. I have 3 siblings with me that I am very closed with. I spend most of my weekends with my family. It has been a habit for us to go out every weekend, take on a long trip to anywhere and just enjoy the time that we have.

I’m that guy who loves Sunday mornings, walk in the beach, breakfast in bed, classic jazz, long drives, and a whole lot of chill vibe. I’m not a fan of STRESS. I hate how some take it so badly. I also don’t like seeing person who FROWNS because to me having a big smile is easier (spread the godd vibes).

I’m a GREAT SINGER in the shower, too! But yes, I sing too many times wherever I go. There’s something in me that I like music so much that I can’t live without it. I listen to Passion Pit, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and many more artists.

Taking pictures is another habit. To me, angles do not mean much as long as you have an eye that is capable of seeing the beauty in everything. I like capturing flat-lays or the view of the ocean, the trees or just the sky.


Some things about me and what I like doing is yet to be discovered.

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