I have long been waiting and planning everything from scratch because that’s how excited I am for my party. I wanted to go big this time and celebrate with some of the closest to me. Turning a year older again and I am so blessed to be loved by many.

We have found a place to rent in Canyon Woods – Batangas. The 2-story house has 3BRs and 3 toilets. It has an average kitchen space and has a comfy sala, too! It also has a space in the back kitchen where you can grill. Overall, the place was just perfect for #DWKND.



Saturday morning we rushed to the groceries to buy everything needed for #DWKND – food, utensils, charcoal and all that’s necessary.  The liquors were bought during the time S&R had a Mega Sale where I took advantage!

On our way my parents were calling me because of this earthquake that happened in Batangas – where we planned to go. We did not feel like there was until the time when we got inside the house and witnessed how the frames were shaking. After few minutes it stopped! I prayed that no one gets hurt.

Since I am the boss, I put everyone to work – down from slicing to the grilling. I wanted to get everything set by 6 PM. While everyone is busy doing their own thing, we already started drinking beers. It was so much fun seeing them having a good time.

Come 6 PM, everything was set. All of them were there. To my surprise, a special someone surprised me with a cake I did not know I had. I was planning to blow a candle from a bottle of the liquor since I did not bother to buy a cake for myself. Ha ha!


So they sang me a happy birthday song and the rest of the story goes…



All went down crazy that night. We felt like we were a bunch of high school students living YOLO. I guess most of us just wanted to leave all the stress we get from the city and just have  the best time.





And then all else got drunk except for the birthday boy. Morning came and everyone was sober except for me ha ha! I decided to insist on going to the beach because it was too hot at that time. We went to Calatagan in Batangas where it’s an hour ad a half away from where we were.

I took the time of travel as the best chance to catch some sleep. Look! Ha ha!



Then here comes the beach…



After the beach, we decided to go back to MNL and face the reality once again. More pictures posted in my Facebook.

#DWKND was worth the wait and gastos! Thank you all for your warm birthday greetings, did not expect I would get as much. To all those who helped me execute the plans for my party, a big thanks!

Can’t wait for next year! -D

Island Remedy

I would like to share this epic experience me and my friends had this summer. We initially booked a flight to Kalibo, May 1 to 4 to have our first ever LaBoracay. However, the travel agency as to whom we booked our flight had a conflict with their supplier so they made an adjustments to our trip. Instead of flying to Bora on May 1, we left Manila almost May 3 due to delayed flights. We arrived to the island late 3am of May 3. Too late for LaBoracay.

Apparently, as we are still expecting late parties at Station 2, we did not bother to change clothes. As soon as we arrived at the hotel (station 1), we just left our bags and we hurriedly went to where the parties at. Luckily, a lot of birds with the same feathers were still awake. We grabbed bottles of beers to get everything started.


The whole 3-day stay was pure drinking and partying but we did some activities, too! We enjoyed the Flyfish very much, a bit fun Snorkeling and Fish Feeding. The island hopping could have been more fun if we had at least 2 hours of sleep. 6 hours for this trip was seriously not a joke. I felt a bit groggy in the midst of the activity, good thing we had a free pinoy buffet lunch. After that, I regained my energy to enjoy the last island – Puka Beach.

Please allow me to share some of my favorite photos taken during our stay in this wondrous islet.



We stayed at this hotel called One Crescent Place at Station 1. All staffs were very accommodating and they have a very fast service, too! The room where we stayed is spacious and good enough for 5 people staying.

Our Bora experience is really worth the delay. Felt like I had a taste of heaven with my feet on the ground. The rest of the story is for me and my friends to keep. You know what they all say “What happens in Bora, stays in Bora.”

I will be uploading more pictures in my Facebook account.


Sundays at Home


Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of sinangag and tuyo during a Sunday morning? Sure enough, it will make you leave the comfort of your bed earlier than usual. I like how jazz music pleases my ear every time my dad plays it starting from 8 am when I’m still in bed, probably waiting for some Snapchat stories to load. I enjoy overhearing my mom and my sister chitchat over some topics that intrigue me. That vibe once in every week has always been different and the most special for me. There are some things about Sundays I fell in love with.

This is not the day where you have to worry about the work tomorrow, that it’s freaking Monday again. This is not the day where you argue about petty issues with your siblings. This day should neither be spent on rushing to meet deadlines nor having spilled coffee on your white comforter.

Hence, this is the only day in a week that we get to enjoy the calmness of the surroundings. This is the day where future plans are being discussed in the table, the day where the kitchen switches to a more active zone and the day where our couches get warmed up all day.

Some go to church, some go to malls and some just love staying at home! This is Sunday. A family day, I might say. I’m stuck with this feeling like I don’t want to go for another round of a week.